Devoted to injured workers and personal injury victims.


Mr. Norbert Cuellar started his legal career as a law clerk in 1993 for a Minneapolis law firm that focused solely on plaintiff's workers' compensation and personal injury cases. He graduated from William Mitchell College of Law in 1994, passed the bar exam and was licensed as a lawyer on December 31, 1994.

He then worked for the same law firm for two years practicing plaintiff’s workers’ compensation and personal injury law. On February 17, 1997 he resigned his position and decided to open his own private practice.

Since passing the bar in 1994, Mr. Cuellar has exclusively represented injured people. He has declined to represent insurance companies and employers. Mr. Cuellar’s law practice is 100% devoted to injured workers’ and personal injury victims.

In December 2001, Mr. Cuellar was appointed as a No-Fault arbitrator with the American Arbitration Association (AAA) here in Minnesota. He has issued over 300 arbitration decisions that have been litigated before him concerning car accidents.

In December 2014, Mr. Cuellar was also appointed as a part-time workers' compensation judge with the Union Construction Crafts and Welfare Fund (UCCWF).