Surgery bills paid through no fault arbitration win.

CAR ACCIDENT: B.T. was rear-ended in a car accident in Nov. 2016. After physical therapy, her surgeon said her only option was to have surgery on her shoulder. Her no-fault car insurance hired a Dr. that said the surgery wasn't necessary, or even related to the car accident. Attorney Cuellar timed the filing of the no-fault petition with the surgery, so that rather than having only $10,000.00 of the surgery bills heard at arbitration, the full policy limit of $20,000.00 was heard by the arbitrator...and awarded! Now B.T. doesn't have to make expensive co-pays out of her own pocket for her surgery bills. 

MORAL OF THE STORY: If your no-fault insurance company cuts you off and says you can arbitrate your bills up to a $10,000.00 limit, that's not always right.