It's never "too late" to win!

Work Comp AND Car Accident: J.F. was a pizza delivery driver when he was rear-ended by another driver on 2/12/12. He hired a lawyer, but after 4 years of inactivity he fired the lawyer. He then hired attorney Cuellar who took his case, both of them knowing full well the delay could create problems. Nonetheless, they went to work comp court and a judge recently ordered over $16k in outstanding chiropractic and medical bills payable that had been denied by the insurance company.  J.F. now has the opportunity to make a work comp settlement AND THEN a car accident settlement after that for his pain and suffering. 

MORAL OF THE STORY:  J.F. was under the impression that it was "too late" to pursue his work comp claim when little action had been taken over the first 4 years. While statutes of limitations do apply in Work Comp, if an insurer initially pays bills on a claim and then cuts you off after their doctor says you are fine,  you may still have the right to go to court years later.