Sacroiliac fusion surgery that "wasn't related" won in court!

WORKERS COMP CASE: The employee suffered a injury in January of 2014 which was originally thought to be her low back. However, she didn't get better after a long period of conventional low back treatment, so she was referred to a sacroiliac joint specialist. After testing and treatment, the specialist recommended surgical fusion of her sacroiliac joint. Work comp denied, saying the sacroiliac condition was not part of the original diagnosis, and that their doctor said she didn't need the surgery. Norbert Cuellar went to work comp court and recently won that the sacroiliac joint was part of the original injury, and that the employee needed the surgery. Work comp will now be responsible for all her related bills from the surgery, and her wage loss while she is recovering from the surgery.

MORAL OF THE STORY: Just because you may not have claimed all your injuries when you first reported it to your employer, or you didn't know the full extent of your injuries at that time,  doesn't mean you can't claim them at a later date.