Chiropractic treatment awarded in No-Fault arbitration decision!

AUTO ACCIDENT CASE: Sue K. was involved in a car accident on 7/7/14. She was actually on her way to treat with her chiropractor for a pre-existing neck issue when she was involved in the car accident. After examination, her chiropractor told her that her previous neck issues were now worsened by the car accident, and that she should open a "no-fault" claim with her own car insurance company. After a few treatments, her car insurance sent her to "their" doctor, and that doctor said she had no new injury. Her car insurance then denied further chiropractic treatment. Norbert Cuellar went to no-fault arbitration hearing with Sue, and the arbitrator recently ordered that the denial was wrongful, and that 100% of the bill had to be paid by her car insurance. 

MORAL OF THE STORY: If your automobile no-fault insurance says they are not going to pay your doctor bills, you have the right to disagree and go to an arbitration hearing to get your bills paid. Even if "their" doctor says its not medical/chiropractic treatment that is reasonable or related.