Neck surgery won in court on 13 year old case!

WORKERS COMP CASE: The employee had a serious injury in 2003 when he accidentally drove a snowmobile into a semi at 60 MPH. His shoulder and hand were the most severe injuries and he had multiple surgeries for each. In 2008 he settled his case unrepresented by a lawyer, and the paperwork left open future claims for his neck. In 2015 when he was done treating for his shoulder and hand, a Dr. recommended surgery on his neck. The work comp insurance denied it, saying it was no longer work comp related, but it was due to his "old age." Norbert Cuellar went to work comp court and recently won the surgery for the employee. Work comp must now pay all the bills related to the surgery, and the surgical aftercare.

MORAL OF THE STORY: If work comp insurance pays for medical treatment  just once in your case, no matter how many years have passed, even if you settled, you may still have the right to have work comp pay for your all bills.