A picture ISN'T worth a thousand words.

WORK COMP: M.M was working at a retail store stocking products. He was using a cart that had boxes stacked up to his head level. As he reached for a box at the top of the stack on the cart, 2 other small boxes fell down and hit him on the shoulder. The whole thing was caught on store video cameras. After months of treatment, surgery was recommended. Work comp insurance responded by hiring their own Dr. to look at the tape, who then said that the accident on tape wasn't severe enough to have caused the need for surgery. So the surgery was denied. Attorney Cuellar took the case and went to work comp court and won, successfully arguing that even though the accident looked minor on tape, it actually caused major injury. 

MORAL OF THE STORY: Many employers now have video cameras in the workplace. Usually,  video evidence is admissible in court, like in this case. When the video shown in court seemed to show an insignificant incident, attorney Cuellar used his 23 years of courtroom experience to get M.M. the treatment he deserved. Now work comp must pay all the surgery bills with no co-pays by M.M., and pay his replacement paychecks while he is off from the surgery. On top of it, work comp had to pay all of attorney Cuellar's lawyer fees too, with absolutley no cost to M.M. !

You CAN afford a work comp lawyer.

WORK COMP: S.W. had an injury to his low back in Sept. 2010.  Extensive nonsurgical medical treatment only gave him minor relief and surgery was ultimately recommended. The insurance company denied it, and in May 2014 Attorney Cuellar took them to court and won the surgery. All attorney fees had to be paid by the insurance company, none had to be paid by S.W. The insurance company recently denied some low back medical treatment again, and Attorney Cuellar again took them to work comp court and won the denied medical bills in early Sept. 2017.  Again, all attorney fees had to be paid by the insurance company, and none by his client.

MORAL OF THE STORY: When medical bills are being denied in your work comp claim, if you go to court and win, or even settle on payment of the bills, the insurance company has to pay all your lawyer fees, not you!

Surgery bills paid through no fault arbitration win.

CAR ACCIDENT: B.T. was rear-ended in a car accident in Nov. 2016. After physical therapy, her surgeon said her only option was to have surgery on her shoulder. Her no-fault car insurance hired a Dr. that said the surgery wasn't necessary, or even related to the car accident. Attorney Cuellar timed the filing of the no-fault petition with the surgery, so that rather than having only $10,000.00 of the surgery bills heard at arbitration, the full policy limit of $20,000.00 was heard by the arbitrator...and awarded! Now B.T. doesn't have to make expensive co-pays out of her own pocket for her surgery bills. 

MORAL OF THE STORY: If your no-fault insurance company cuts you off and says you can arbitrate your bills up to a $10,000.00 limit, that's not always right. 

It's never "too late" to win!

Work Comp AND Car Accident: J.F. was a pizza delivery driver when he was rear-ended by another driver on 2/12/12. He hired a lawyer, but after 4 years of inactivity he fired the lawyer. He then hired attorney Cuellar who took his case, both of them knowing full well the delay could create problems. Nonetheless, they went to work comp court and a judge recently ordered over $16k in outstanding chiropractic and medical bills payable that had been denied by the insurance company.  J.F. now has the opportunity to make a work comp settlement AND THEN a car accident settlement after that for his pain and suffering. 

MORAL OF THE STORY:  J.F. was under the impression that it was "too late" to pursue his work comp claim when little action had been taken over the first 4 years. While statutes of limitations do apply in Work Comp, if an insurer initially pays bills on a claim and then cuts you off after their doctor says you are fine,  you may still have the right to go to court years later.